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This one's easy. The Brewers landed the best player available, and that makes them the overall winner. Since arriving in Milwaukee, CC Sabathia has notched three complete games in five starts and an ERA of 1.82. That's even better than advertised. Sabathia's likely gone this off-season, but credit GM Doug Melvin for taking the bold "all-in" approach that Milwaukee fans wanted. As well, the addition of Ray Durham gives them options should Rickie Weeks continue to flounder.


Heading up to the deadline, the Angels were in prime position to stand pat — they boast the best record in baseball, and they have a lead in the AL West that won't be surmounted. However, GM Tony Reagins' boldness netted the Halos Mark Teixeira. Teixeira is the equal of the outgoing Casey Kotchman on defense (both are excellent at first base), and he's much more of a force with the bat (he bests Kotchman by 55 points in OBP and by 64 points in SLG). He gives the Angels middle-of-the-order skills at the plate, and he's also a switch-hitter. Will the Angels be able to re-sign both Teixeira and Francisco Rodriguez this winter? That remains to be seen, but right now they must be regarded as the favorites to win the World Series.


Manny Ramirez's glove will be a concern in the somewhat spacious Dodger Stadium outfield, but this team badly needed an impact bat. Now they have it. Dodger left fielders are hitting a miserable .253 AVG/.311 OBP/.315 SLG, and Ramirez will obviously beat that by leaps and bounds. Best of all, Boston's reportedly picking up his tab, and the Dodgers weren't forced to part with Matt Kemp or James Loney in order to get him. The first good move made by GM Ned Colletti? It just might be.


Rich Harden is the quintessence of the high-risk, high-reward pitcher, and so far it's been all reward. Harden won't go deep into games, but he's been utterly dominant since the trade with a 1.11 ERA and 39 strikeouts in 24.1 innings. Sure, Harden could succumb to injury at any moment, but the Cubs have fall-back options should the unfortunate come to pass. On another level, credit to GM Jim Hendry (and to Doug Melvin in Milwaukee) for making the big move well in advance of the non-waiver deadline. Getting those extra starts means the team is that much better off.


Without parting with their top young talent, the Yankees were able to add the corner outfield bat they needed (Xavier Nady), add a quality arm to the bullpen (Damaso Marte), and significantly upgrade the catcher position (Ivan Rodriguez). Regular backstop Jose Molina is "hitting" .226 AVG/.278 OBP/.303 SLG on the year, while Pudge has a 2008 batting line of .295 AVG/.338 OBP/.417 SLG. And there's always the possibility that Rodriguez, invigorated by his new surroundings, will perform even better going forward. Oh, and bonus points to the Yankes for somehow finding a taker for LaTroy Hawkins and his 5.71 ERA.

Red Sox

The Red Sox sacrificed a bit (but only a bit) of offense in swapping out Manny Ramirez for Jason Bay, but they got better defensively, on the bases, and — presumably — in the clubhouse. As well, they'll also have Bay next season at the reasonable price of $7.5 million. So the left-field hole is filled until at least 2010. They parted with two useful young players in Brandon Moss and Craig Hansen, and they'll be on the hook for the remainder of Ramirez's salary this season. But when you consider how desperate they were to move Ramirez, the Sox did quite well for themselves.


Yes, the Manny trade was a win-win-win. At recent trade deadlines, the Buccos have been either curiously passive or comically misguided (Matt Morris? Seriously?). However, newish GM Neal Huntington didn't make that mistake this season. While none of the players he netted in exchange for Jason Bay, Xavier Nady, and Damaso Marte jumps out as a future superstar, there's some ceiling in there, and there's major-league-ready talent in there. To mention just a few, Andy LaRoche in particular is a nice score, Jose Tabata has upside, Craig Hansen has the power arsenal to become a quality late-inning reliever, and Brandon Moss gives them some left-handed pop right away. At long last, the Pirates have a front office committed to the rebuilding process.


The Cards have an improving farm system, and they wisely resisted dipping into it at the deadline. They're very much in contention, but they recognized that the recent return of Chris Carpenter and the forthcoming return of Adam Wainwright will do more for their playoff hopes than any deal they could've made. Well played by John Mozeliak and company.



What a completely rudderless organization. In defiance of common sense and the laws of probability (Baseball Prospectus gives the Astros a sub-atomic 0.03% chance of making the postseason), owner Drayton McLane reportedly forbade GM Ed Wade from selling off at the deadline. But that's exactly what they should've been doing. Worse, they thinned out an already awful farm system in obtaining Randy Wolf (why?) and LaTroy Hawkins (double why?). Hands-on owners aren't necessarily bad things, but clueless hands-on owners indubitably are.


The Mets had many needs, and they filled not one of them. A bat for the outfield corner? Needed that. Insurance for a rotation that includes the aging, injury-prone Pedro Martinez and John Maine and his strained rotator cuff? Needed that. Another arm for the bullpen? Needed that, too. Heck, they could also stand an upgrade at second base. Yet they got nothing. It's no guarantee that Ryan Church will be productive once he returns from tandem concussions, and Fernando Tatis is a prime candidate to regress in the coming weeks. With so many outfield bats in play at the deadline, it's particularly disappointing that GM Omar Minaya failed to address that glaring need.

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The rebuilding effort in Baltimore has stalled. Getting something for the overrated George Sherrill would've been nice, but the real problem is that they didn't move Brian Roberts. Roberts is having an excellent season, both offensively and defensively, and at age 30 he might be peaking. The O's had better hope he's not. As well, next year is the final year of his contract, and as such he may command less of a return package if traded during his walk year. This might be a case of unnecessary conservatism on the part of the Baltimore front office.


Seattle made a nifty haul when they nabbed Gaby Hernandez in exchange for Arthur Rhodes. But given how many expendable parts they have, they should've done much more. As the A's and Rangers are proving (in the same division, no less), it's quite possible to rebuild through trades. But the M's chose not to. Their fans should be disappointed that guys like Raul Ibanez, Jarrod Washburn and Adrian Beltre are still on the roster.

White Sox

The addition of Ken Griffey Jr. is a thoroughly puzzling one. The Sox didn't give up much for him, but it's hard to see how he fits into Chicago's plans without hurting the team. He's potentially useful so long as he's in the lineup only against right-handed pitchers and never, ever allowed to man center field (at this stage of his career, his defense in center — a position he hasn't played since 2006 and hasn't played adequately since long before that — can charitably be described as "sub-Swisher"), but what are the odds that Ozzie Guillen is willing to make Griffey into a strict platoon player confined to the outfield corners, first base, and DH? Not high, we'd say.


The Snakes had the young arms needed to add a bat, but they didn't do it. (And, no, Tony Clark doesn't qualify.) Arizona was in dire need of some thump at first base and in left field, and that's still the case. Meanwhile, the Dodgers, who are closing fast in the NL West, added Manny Ramirez and, in the process, became the best team in the division. The D-backs may live to regret their inactivity.


The Red Sox and Yankees both improved at the deadline, but the Rays, despite having a bounty of young talent from which to deal, did nothing. All they really needed was a right-handed bat for the outfield (something that's quite easy to find this time of year), but the front office took a pass. There's something to be said for sticking to the plan, but the Rays could've improved themselves without compromising the long-term vision. Why didn't they?


The Marlins overpaid for a reliever (Arthur Rhodes) who's going to give them maybe 15 innings the rest of the way, and they left the more vital hole at catcher unfilled. Considering how cheaply Pudge Rodriguez went, one must wonder why the Fish weren't more active in pursuing him or any of the other catchers being bandied about.

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Added: August 1, 2008

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News » Dodgers, Red Sox lead list of deadline winners

Dodgers, Red Sox lead list of deadline winners

Dodgers, Red Sox lead list of deadline winners
A doozy of a non-waiver trade deadline is in the books.

Fortunately for fans and media, this turned out to be one of rare those years in which the deadline signal-to-noise ratio turned out to be pleasingly high, and that means there's plenty to sort out. The action certainly isn't over (the waiver trade period in August has yielded a number of blockbusters over the years), but it's nonetheless time to take stock of what's gone down to date. So with that in mind, here are your deadline winners and losers for this year ...

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