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It was nice mythology built around how Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees decided to come back together last offseason. And, yes, the word is "mythology." Mainly because Rodriguez claimed he returned only because what he wanted most was to be a Yankee. The reality — besides money and the trappings of fame — is that A-Rod has no idea what he wants.

The true Yankee did not stick around for either the Home Run Derby or the whole All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium, go to Bobby Murcer's memorial in Oklahoma City (like Jeter and Pettitte did) or show up at a reasonable time for Old-Timer's Day.

When the Yanks gave Rodriguez a record 10-year deal, complete with bonuses for historic home-run achievements, they essentially were saying the team is about A-Rod for the next decade. That is a mistake. All of the elements that bedevil him on and off the field — notably an insecurity as large as his talent — create unnecessary stress for him and the team. There is probably nothing the Yanks can do for a person who hankers for attention and melts under its glare quite like Rodriguez.

Whenever possible, the organization must be proactive in deflating Rodriguez's black-hole tendencies to draw everything in his surroundings to him and suck the life out of it. One way is to be proactive. After five years together with A-Rod, the Yanks should be able to spot some problems well ahead and defuse them early.

For example, the World Baseball Classic is coming again next spring. The last time around, Rodriguez said he wasn't playing, then he could not decide whether to play for the Dominican or the United States. Get out in front of that needless distraction now. Get A-Rod to make a decision and stick with it rather than assuring an infection that will begin to sicken your 2009 team.

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Added: September 15, 2008

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News » Here's how the Yankees' season went bad

Here's how the Yankees' season went bad

Here's how the Yankees' season went bad
The games are only about nostalgia now at Yankee Stadium. The worst New York Yankees team in 15 years already has removed the drama from the final homestand ever at this famous building.

The autopsy to discover why the 2008 team closed the Stadium in such horrendous style will show many long-standing diseases. For years, the Yanks kept trying to buy their way out of problems, and the bill finally came due in full with an older team with diminished skill and health. For a period from roughly 1996-2005, the Yanks disregarded the value of amateur acquisition, mainly via horrible drafts. That led to a current team starving for prime-aged core players.

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