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We Want Our M's TV

We Want Our M's TV
Apr. 30, 2009 (Gothamist delivered by Newstex ) --

A note to our city's bar owners and restaurateurs: Are you aware that Seattle has a major league Baseball team? It's true! They're called the Mariners , and each of their games are televised for the pleasure of your dining and drinking clientele.

We ask because we've found it near-impossible to get the local nine on your televisions. Upon entering a new Belltown bar Friday night, we found four TVs tuned to sports--none to the Mariners game. When we asked our lovely female bartender if just one of the TVs tuned to Red Sox/Yankees could be switched to the M's, we were met with maddening indifference. Don't bartenders exist to soothe one's troubles? You, miss, added to them.

Saturday night found us at a bar just blocks from the Mariners' home field--yet, though the M's were playing live from Los Angeles, the several TVs of this establishment were tuned to a soccer highlights show and the NBA playoffs, respectively. We asked several times if it were possible to change just one of said TVs. You eventually complied, but while bumbling through the channel guide (FSN, which televises nearly all M's games, is channel 687on DirecTV, channel 30 on Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) --is this so hard to remember?) we missed a Mariners home run. Nards!

Tuesday we're wandering near Pike Place Market, 30 minutes early for a dinner date at Le Pichet, looking for a place to kill time and watch Felix Hernandez. Emmett Watson's Oyster Bar seemed a good bet, but they were closed for "painting." We walked up the hill to the Virginia Inn, but that formerly cozy watering hole has been transformed into some sort of trendy bistro, sans les t?l?visions. We call a friend to express our displeasure. "This is the center of the city! How hard can it be to find a bar with a TV? If I end up having to go to The Turf, it is totally not my fault if I get stabbed."

We speculatively headed back down Virginia St. and into Post Alley, thinking to try Kell's. But right next door we found a new bar, Post, with one TV on the NBA playoffs, the other properly tuned to Mariners Baseball. We texted our single female friend to meet us there. She agreed. We added that we felt the male bartender was fairly attractive. "I know," came the reply, "why do you think I agreed to come?"

After watching several innings of Felix' dominance, we went to dinner. During a lull in conversation, we asked our Le Pichet companion if she wouldn't mind if we checked the Mariners score. The hostess overheard, and ambled by to request her own update. Note to the "sports bars" of Seattle--the hostess at a restaurant where the menu is in French has a better handle on the Baseball scene than you do. For shame.

Untitled photo by Herbisara from the Seattlest Flickr Pool.

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Added: May 1, 2009

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