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News » Who is the biggest jerk of MLB's first half?

Who is the biggest jerk of MLB's first half?

Who is the biggest jerk of MLB's first half?
All of baseball's hypothetical midseason awards have been handed out. All except one: the coveted, hotly-contested Biggest Jerk of the First Half.

In a poll that promises to be as heated as a post-shellacking visit with Brett Myers and as scientifically accurate as Roger Clemens's congressional testimony, you the readers will declare the winner.

In a crowded field, the 10 nominees for the FOXSports.Com Biggest Jerk of the First Half are:

Shawn Chacon

Chacon has a very strong case for First-Half Jerk thanks to his Latrell Sprewell redux with GM Ed Wade. While 94.5 percent of Americans may want to choke their bosses (the other 5.5 percent are unemployed, according to June stats), the rest of the country probably has a better case for assaulting a superior than the journeyman Chacon. Considering his career record (45-61, 4.99 ERA), shouldn't he have been deeply indebted to Wade for putting him on a big league payroll? Apparently not. Instead, Chacon became indignant and surly when he was removed from the starting rotation (0-3, 9.35 over his last four starts). When Wade requested Chacon's presence for a meeting in manager Cecil Cooper's office, Chacon requested Wade's presence on the floor — which shockingly led to Chacon's presence on the waiver wire.

Roger Clemens

Poor Roger Clemens. Everybody around him was using or distributing HGH and the poor Rocket had to win 354 games and strike out 4,672 batters without taking a single performance-enhancing drug. His workout partner and dear friend Andy Pettitte was using HGH. Their trainer Brian McNamee was obtaining and providing HGH. Convicted steroids distributor Kirk Radomski was mailing HGH to the Clemens house. Debbie Clemens was using HGH in preparation for a magazine pictorial. Roger must have felt like an outsider in an HGH-fueled world. Seriously, how delusional are Clemens and his attorney Rusty Hardin? Do they understand what it would take for clear-eyed, rational people — or even congressmen — to believe them?

Alex Rodriguez

If the stories and allegations are all true — skipping out on his wife and newborn for liaisons with Madonna — Rodriguez has to be seen as the favorite for King Jerk of the first half. The stripper in Toronto was one thing (international law and all) and could be lumped into the ho-hum infidelity of life-on-the-road in baseball. But A-Rod took it to a new level this year, prompting wife Cynthia to file for divorce, saying the slugger "emotionally abandoned his wife and children." If it goes to a tiebreaker, his refusal to participate in the Home Run Derby at the All-Star farewell to Yankee Stadium could put him over the top.

Manny Ramirez

Look how adorable he is. Making a cell phone call in the Green Monster during a pitching change. High-fiving a fan in between catching the ball and throwing behind the runner for a double play. Smacking Kevin Youkilis in the dugout. Shoving the team's traveling secretary over his ticket allotment to a game in Houston. Slamming Red Sox ownership for the way they've dealt with him (paying him only $20M a year and excusing his constant childish misbehavior?). What a delightful little scamp.


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Added: July 18, 2008

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